Birds of a feather

Birds of a feather

It’s a common adage – birds of the same feather flock together. It’s a natural phenomenon created by the maker. But why is it like that? Why can’t the crow flock with the eagle? Or the sparrow with the vulture? In the same way, why can’t the lion mingle with the sheep? Or the buffalo with the hippopotamus? Indeed it is by nature. I’m into network marketing. I started a few months ago and though business is good, i am sometimes faced with doubt and fear of probably being on the wrong path. Recently we had a training session at the end of which all my fears and doubt had been allayed. Oh yes!

Every entity or creation has goals, visions and roles that have been set either by the creator or themselves. These make us who we are. Our character, mannerism, likes and dislikes as well as our inclination stem from these and they eventually create the differences between us. A lion’s goal each day is to kill animals in order to feed themselves and their cubs. A sheep is satisfied with any green plant that it comes across. Each will go to any extent to achieve this.While growing up in the barracks, I witnessed times without number, how sheep will eitlher jump over or break down a farm fence just to get access to the attractive green plants on the other side . However, neither walks alone. Lions move in prides while sheep move in herds. Monkeys move in troops, birds move in flocks, fish in schools and even microorganisms move in colonies. Why is that? Each group also consist of the same type of animals. Why is that?

For the achievement of common goals. I believe all lions will have the same goal…to obtain a prey. Sheep’s in the same vain will be to obtain forage. A group of workers in a bank will have the same goal and mission – to serve customers and make the bank a leading one in the long run. If you have a goal and you really want to achieve it, align yourself with people of similar goal and work together as a team. That will increase the percentage of you achieving your goal.

For support, motivation and encouragement. A bird in flight will at one point or the other experience some amount of despair especially if the journey is great. But i believe each bird is motivated to keep moving by the many other birds of the same feather flocking with it. A person is the same…we are motivated by people of similar goals and visions as ours to not despair when situations seem weigh us down or seem not to be changing for the better. These are necessary so we do not feel greater weight and make wrong decisions in our despair.

To share in failure and success. a person living alone without anyone to talk to when there is a problem or to laugh and celebrate with in success will probably die earlier than one with a confidant and companion. These are people who will push us when we seem to be filled with doubt even of our own existence. People who will say ‘you did well. That was a great move.’ when we are probably thinking otherwise. Although it is said that one should be self-motivated, it still helps to have such valueless people. Adios!

Sefakor Agbenyegah

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