Upgrading to Ubuntu 18.04 from Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Server

Introduction: Upgrading to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Server can be upgraded to the new Ubuntu release 18.04 Bionic Beaver with the steps provided in this post. Those who will like to try the new Ubuntu...

Interesting Facts About Bananas

Banana an amazing fruit Bananas are one of the most amazing fruits. Due to its elegant look and flavor, many people use it as desserts. Many people are unaware of the benefits of eating bananas. This article...

Will vs. going to : Future tense

Will vs Going to A very confusing concept is when to use will and when to use be going to when we refer the future. Both refer to the future and there is a slight difference between the two though in most...

Health Benefits of Drinking Hot Water

Drinking hot water has surprising health benefits like relieving constipation, better mood, lower cholesterol, preventing premature aging, weight loss, detoxification, easy digestion and so on. You should note...

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