SYMLINK(): No Such File or Directory Laravel

Symlink Problem: No Such File I pulled a laravel project from GitHub that already have the storage symbolic link. Upon running it the browser, the images associated with the post came with errors. And after...

[Pycharm IDE]File size exceeds configured limit(2.5M). Code insight features are not available

File size exceeds the configured limit(2.5M) Working a crawler that involves capturing big sizes of data for your research. Using Pycharm IDE, I realize that it has file size configuration limit that is 2.5Mb...

Using Communication Boards to Help Kids

Tools to Help Children With Limited Communication Ability A communication board may make it possible for children with limited communication impairment since this board may have symbols or pictures. Kids...

7 Common Mistakes You Most Likely Make In The Restroom

The toilet is one among the foremost used place but least taken care of. Restroom rule is important for a healthy room. There are a number of things you thought you were doing right, however, trust me once you...

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Will vs Going to

Will vs. going to : Future tense

Will vs Going to A very confusing concept is when to use will and when to use be going to when we refer the future. Both refer to the future and there is a slight difference between the two though in most cases they can...

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