Javascript Shorthand Coding Techniques

In this blog post, I have compiled some helpful javascript shorthand coding techniques. Javascript shorthands are good coding techniques that can help programmers optimize and simplify their javascript codes...

gyp: No Xcode or CLT version detected macOS Catalina

gyp: No Xcode or CLT version Did you recently update your macOS Catalina to version 10.15.2? If you did, then you probably in the same boat too. What I immediately noticed from my terminal is this new shinny...

Javascript ES6 Array and Object Destructuring

Array and Object Destructuring There are two most used data structures in javascript; array and object. Array and object destructuring is a significant feature in javascript ES6. ES6 Array Destructuring...

VS Code Extensions for Vue.js

VS Code is a popular lightweight text editor in the development community. It has a lot of features that are similar to other text editors like Sublime Text and Atom.No doubt the power of the VS Code comes...

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New in laravel 6

The Laravel team has release Laravel 6 on 3rd September 2019 and it’s now available for developers. According to the release notes, this release of Laravel framework (laravel/framework) follow Semantic Versioning...

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