Staying Focused When Studying

Concentrating When Studying Studying for an examination or a test can be difficult, especially when there are distractions such as TVs, mobile phone and even magazines. But most at times you are a distraction...

How to install and configure denyhosts on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Intrusion prevention security tool  According to the developers of denyhosts script, the script is intended to help thwart SSH server attacks on Linux systems. These attacks are sometimes referred to as...

SYMLINK(): No Such File or Directory Laravel

Symlink Problem: No Such File I pulled a laravel project from GitHub that already have the storage symbolic link. Upon running it the browser, the images associated with the post came with errors. And after...

[Pycharm IDE]File size exceeds configured limit(2.5M). Code insight features are not available

File size exceeds the configured limit(2.5M) Working a crawler that involves capturing big sizes of data for your research. Using Pycharm IDE, I realize that it has file size configuration limit that is 2.5Mb...

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