Reset root password via command line interface – mysql 5.7 and linux server

The MySQL root password allows the root user to have full access to the MySQL database. You must have (Linux) root administrator access to the server to reset the MySQL root password. Use the following steps...

Custom classes in laravel 5.2, the easy way

“Love beautiful code? We do too. The PHP Framework For Web Artisans “- well that is all that laravel.comcaptured about their intuitive and comprehensive framework on their website.  If you are a framework...

How to “manually” add/append values to request array in laravel

I have encountered a situation where I needed to change the value of a particular request or append an additional value to the request before calling Eloquent method in a  store() or update() method...

How to change date format with accessors and mutators in laravel 5.2

Dealing with a date can be stressful at times. Date field in MySQL Database has a default format of YYYY-MM-DD. And bootstrap datepicker gives a date format of in DD/MM/YYYY. How do I handle it properly in...

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The unforeseen

I watched a movie recently and in a very interesting scene involving wrestlers, a thin weakling stepped forward to challenge an extremely fat and bulky man. The results was obvious from their physical appearance; a...

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The engine of a person

The engine of a person

There is a popular phrase that goes like this: ‘don’t mind the body; mind the engine’. It refers to a car and literally means that no matter what dilapidated state a car may be in, so far as the engine is in proper...

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