Anansewaa has the vision to be the best e-learning platform for students at all levels of education. Anansewaa boasts of highly organized resource personnel that will work tirelessly in the engine room to ensure an up-to-date and smooth running website that provides best available e-learning services so far. Students thus will be provided with a user-friendly and interactive interfaced website that will boost their appreciation and grasp of their course of study.

Management will be willing to accept negative feedback to help improve services. Anansewaa’s primary services are free.


Anansewaa is providing online questions and answers pages for students of all levels; from Junior High Schools to Senior High Schools. Students will be able to access these questions on their subject of study as well as find possible answers to all the questions be it objective or subjective.

This will help to save the time and cost involved in buying their hard copy past questions and answers as well as having to protect these from theft.  

Alongside the primary services, online advertisements will be hosted on the web pages to interested ones who wish to know where and how they can get certain products. Anansewaa believes hooking students from JHS to Tertiary Institutions provides a wide opportunity to expose them to client’s advertisement that serves as the main source of income for the company.  This is in line with the saying ‘’where there is a crowd, water sells.’’


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