26 lessons from my 26 years journey

I am 26 years today and i am grateful for this gift of life. When I wake up 4am this morning reflecting the back pages of my autobiography and I realize how long I have been around. It has not been an easy journey but God has been faithful. I am proud of myself. Looking at how far I have come; would say am not doing bad at all in my 26 years of stay here. But I’m quickly humbled by the more years hopefully ahead of me. That there are still a lot of lessons to be learned, challenges to be overcomed, milestones to be turned, purposes to be accomplished and dreams to be realize.
As for the experiences in my 26 years’ journey I would not have wished it for myself, if not for the lessons it has taught me. I know it was all worth it. 26 years; 2 gruesome accidents before 5 years. had to leave my mum at 6 years just to see her face again 10 years later. Four relationships starting at 18. Here is the breakdown; one broken heart, you know is always the first love, one messy break up, one mutual break up and the last one is still weathering through the tides; I know it will make it to the shores of marriage. I have learned a lot of lessons on this 26 years’ journey and I would like to crave your indulgence in 26 of those lessons. yes 26!!!

Life and living it

  1. Focus on the journey of life not the destination. In this life your day to day experiences, choices, actions and inactions as you go through life matters a lot. the journey is more important than the destination of your destiny. How you live on the journey will determine whether you will even make it to the destination.
  2. Life is not a 100meters dash but a marathon and the irony is you are not competing with anyone but, your capabilities and the potentials god gave you. so relax and run according to your pace. In a marathon it’s not how fast you can go but how far you can go and life is not how fast you can get things done but how far your life can impact others.
  3. They say the end justifies the means, I say let the means rather justify the end. What if you did not make it to the end, what will then justify the means. If you do the right thing and act with no diabolic intentions, you will not need any end to justify any means for you.
  4. I am not getting any younger; if I have anything to do, now is the time. Our time here is limited. 10 years ago, I remember it like yesterday, I was in SHS fooling around like there is no tomorrow. Here I am today responsible for myself and being looked up to by 5 siblings.
  5. Life is simple, easy and adventurous. You just have to stop living it to the specifications of our family, friends and society and live it to your own customization and the operational manual god gave you. with this some of us have to factory reset our life’s.
  6. Happiness is not a state of life, is a way of life that comes from within. You will never arrive at happiness or that moment of joy if you think happiness is a destination or a state. it is your daily living, the little things in life and the meaning you make from it that will give you a happy life.
  7. New year resolution is a cliché filled with words of platitude. We don’t need new year resolution; we need goals to everyday resolutions. The fact that is new year does not mean we will change for the better and achieve our goals. You don’t even need a new year to make a change for the better. Change is possible everyday with your own reslovedness
  8. I cannot control everything in my life, But the little i can control is enough to make me take control of my life, live a stress free life, be a better person and enjoy life to the fullest.
  9. I am my own No. 1 enemy. The no. 1 obstacle to my success, my happiness is my mind. He is the one behind where I am today; Convincing me of what I can do and what I cannot do. So please tell him to get the hell out of your own way and live the witches and wizards of your family house out of this one.
  10. When it comes to turning aspirations and dreams into reality; You don’t count the cost. If I counted the costs, I would have given up by now. But I know that no matter the cost today, be it the money, the time, the energy, the pleasure and other sacrifices, all will not warrant the benefits when my dreams become a reality.
  11. It might be your time but not your turn. It might be your season but not your moment. Know your times and seasons, be patient and wait in line for you turn. My friend take time; you think you are the only in a hurry, you don’t know. we can see is your time to marry but relax is not your turn and stop the “self-put-put”
  12. The world is fair; is we living in it that are not fair. The world everyday gives us all we need to have a better life. But we think we are smarter than God; so we have sabotage the world with our cunnings. He is at 9 but he still wants to get to 10 at the expense of his friends single 1. You think god will bless you?
  13. Motivation and inspiration does not get anything done. What you are reading may inspire you but you will have to resolve in your heart to follow through on the ones that speaks to you. After reading this, you will be informed and is up to you to use the information. It is your own determination and action that will hits the ground running.
  14. Live healthy for you only live once. Take good care of yourself. Healthy living is paramount. Exercise, Eat well and have just enough sleep. Remember all that you are chasing at the expense of your health will not be worth it, if at the end of it all, you will not be in good health to enjoy them.                                                                                                                         Human Relationship
  15. The human being by default is a wicked, heartless and ungrateful being. Please do not let our actions and inaction get to you so much, you will always be offended; sometimes you just laugh about it and move on. and do not be surprise by our doings and undertaking. we sometimes even surprise the devil.
  16. Live free with everyone, we are all one big family. Live free with them all if possible as St. Paul said, connect with them, extend a helping if you can, you cannot do it alone neither can you live alone. What will it be worth if at the end of the day, you don’t have any of the “family” to enjoy your wealth with or share in your happiness.
  17. Never look down on any human being. This is my no. 1 principle when am dealing with a fellow human. And never under estimate the strength and capabilities of a man determined to succeed. Some people i know back in days, where they were scattered and where they are today, you will marvel. Never look down on any man; this is to our ladies. If you don’t like him don’t add any insult to injury.
  18. Never take people by their words but by their actions. My girlfriend when we started out was always quick to say sorry and i’m always like dear, i don’t want to see how sorry you are in words, i want to see how sorry you are in your behaviour. Do not get carried away with the words of people. As humans we mostly proclaim what we do not live by and live by what we do not proclaim. #Sweetie, I hope am not in trouble for this one. after all is just words not action. LOL
  19. In a relationship know you are not your partner’s no. 1 priority. Just accept it. Before you showed up she was living. Her girlfriends were there before.., Her hair due for redoing is there, her phone going on low battery is there. Ladies, my mum was there before…, the ongoing champions league is there and my “boys boys” are there. so from now onwards don’t make that issue a world war, no one will win. for sure, when you wait till your turn on the list, you know you will be well taking care of.
  20. It is not your “I Love You” sayings or the mind-blowing sex that sustain a relationship or marriage. If so, there will be less divorce women out there and some of us would have been married by now. Is the commitment, communication, respect and love with works, that will do trick.
  21. If a woman says don’t worry, my brother start worrying. If she tells you oh nothing is wrong; it means everything is wrong. If she says it’s okay, i will do it myself; don’t say anything, you just start helping by force.
  22. All men are the same and all women too are the same. So ladies spare us the stereotyping, always playing the victim role, for you guys too are another.  I will not take any side; we are all not good. Just pray you get a better version that will synchronize and synergize with you. 


  23. I know i wouldn’t have been here today, but God.  If not for God, I guess I would have been on the gone too soon poster many years ago. Even if I was alive, life wouldn’t have been this good.  I couldn’t agree more with the psalmist; If it had not been the lord who was on our side, now let israel say; …..
  24. God is always speaking to us, only if we will take a moment and listen to our inner voice, our conscience. For he is in every man and reveals himself to us in many ways. he is always whispering to our ears, prompting our conscience and tickling our instincts.
  25. Miracles are happening everyday all around us, only if you can just pay attention to the little things of life. Those little things in life that we deem so insignificant to be called a miracle, like waking up every morning, the risen and setting of the sun, the ocean tide knowing  how far it can come,pregnancy, giving birth, healing of a wound, ….
  26. We are all God’s children and we must manifest his greatness on earth. The kingdom of God is in all of us. Do not think less of yourself, never think you are insignificant to touch and shape the world. Jesus Christ of all people came to die for you, come on!! You are a choosing generation; For Christ sake let’s do something meaningful with our life’s and leave a legacy for the coming ones.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all of us celebrating our birthday today. May The almighty God carry us from grace to grace, let his mercies and favors be abundant on us. May he set us high upon the rocks and make our end glorious. In Jesus Name. Amen!!
Thank you too for coming to the party (reading) you really made my day.

Desmond Kwame Paku

The problems of the world cannot possibly be solved by sceptics or cynics whose horizons are limited by the obvious realities. We need men who can dream of things that never were.

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