I watched a movie recently and in a very interesting scene involving wrestlers, a thin weakling stepped forward to challenge an extremely fat and bulky man. The results were obvious from their physical appearance; a strong, bulky man against a thin weakling. Well, the wrestling started and in just a few seconds, the thin man was thrown off his feet and unto the ground. A second one followed almost immediately.

But something happened that made it interesting. As they wrestled, the bulky man lost his balance and fell on his back with the thin man on top of him. The thin man had won. From face value, the bulky man should have won. From all indications, that should have been the obvious and most laudable result. But something happened; the expected did not happen. That is what I want to encourage you on.

Situations of Life

The situations of life are always frightening and there seems to always be a laid down result even before the battle begins.  However, don’t be disheartened and let not your heart be troubled. There is always the unforeseen result that is always extraordinary. It is always silent and perceptive as it shows up in the time when it is least expected. Did the thin man ever stand a chance against the bulky man? The probability of him winning that battle was, in my view and which you would agree to, less than 0.01%.

The bulky man, however, was already a champion having defeated many already and even the audience believed he would win. So friends, don’t always base your decision to go into battle or not on the strength of your opponent or the situation alone and neither should it be on what the onlookers think. Always go, filled with faith in yourself and him who stands with you.

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