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Guys, 8 ways you are destroying your sperm everyday

A man’s fertility generally relies on the quantity and quality of his sperm. If the number of sperm a man ejaculates is low or if the sperm is of a poor quality, it will be difficult, and sometimes impossible, for him to cause a pregnancy.There are several lifestyle factors that can negatively affect sperm morphology apart from the genetical or medical causes or diseases.A man’s sperm is an important part of who he is. Men view sperm as potency and their ‘swimming milk’ to procreation and so sperms are very important to men. But unfortunately, many men do not know that their lifestyles affect their sperms daily in a way. A lot of things we do every day ruins our sperms as we age, but we do not really pay much attention to it. In this article, I have outlined the few things that destroy our sperm in our everyday lifestyle apart from the various medical causes or disease.

1. POCKETING YOUR PHONE: Avoid keeping mobile phones in your front pocket.A result of a new study revealed that keeping your cell phone in your pocket is not really a good idea. Both sperm motility and viability were significantly reduced in men subjecting their testicles to Radio Frequency Electromagnetic radiations from their phones.Also, the radiation and vibrations coming from the phone can decrease up to 9 percent of sperm count.

2. YOUR LAPTOP: If you are in the habit of working or watching movies with your laptop placed on your thighs, you are unknowingly killing your sperm. The heat that a laptop computer gives off destroys sperm. In addition, a computer’s Wi-Fi connectivity can hinder male fertility. The radiation it causes can destroy sperms too.

3. WEARING TIGHT BRIEFS: Different men have different underwear choices according to their personalities. Men who opt for tight briefs(boxers) though could be hurting their manhood with this choice.Testicles are positioned outside the body so that they can maintain low temperatures ideal for sperm production. When a man wears tight briefs or a lot of underwears, the testicles stay tightly pressed against a warm body.This warmth impedes sperm production.

4. BLACK UNDERWEAR: Usually you might think colour doesn’t matter but when it comes to your sperms, it matters a bit. The colour black is known to attract more heat compared to other colours and so wearing black boxers or briefs all the time will increase the amount of heat in your balls and this can affect your sperms.

5. ALCOHOL: Avoid drinking alcohol. Excessive alcohol is just too much for a guy’s sperm to handle and the sperm quality suffers. In men, alcohol consumption may lead to abnormal liver function and a rise in hormone levels.This interferes with sperm development as well as the hormone levels. Because alcohol is a toxin, it has the ability to kill sperm-generating cells in the testes. Drinking, therefore, lowers sperm quality and quantity and testosterone levels.It can reduce libido and cause impotency. 6.SMOKING: With all the research coming to light surrounding the alleged healthy effects of smoking, it may be hard for men to accept what smoking is doing to their fertility.Researchers who tested the sperm quality and concentration of frequent smokers found that their little swimmers were burnt out before reaching the egg because they had swum too fast too early.Smoking also destroys the sperm DNA.

7. STRESS: During stress, your body produces stress hormones that decrease the release of basic sex hormones, which play an important role in the production of sperm. This leads to reduced sperm count and decreased sexual activity. The stress of trying to conceive unsuccessfully is also linked to fertility problems. Therefore, it is advised to maintain a healthy lifestyle and distress as often as possible.A lot of mental and emotional stress usually impedes bodily functions.

8. MUSCLE BUILD UP SUPPLEMENTS: There are a lot of men popping these supplements usually to build muscle or boost their manhood or even to become better athletes. These supplements later have an effect on your quality and amount of sperm production. What most men do not pay attention to is the many little things that they do daily that could be destroying their sperm…
So these are 8 (eight) lifestyle acts you should try to avoid. Most of them we probably know but some were not nice for me to find or make pieces of research about too. Thanks for your comments, likes, compliments, support and encouragements.I really appreciate them all. Stay Safe, Stay Healthy! ( Please, Share with family, friends and love ones) WE LOVE YOU ALL! STAY HEALTHY !! We are one ‘BIG HEALTH FAMILY’. ( Don’t forget to Add your friends, and families to our famous GROUP or PAGE to benefit from our health awareness)… Just click on the links provided! WE WISH YOU ALL A HEALTHY LIFE …. !!!# The Know your health Medical Team # !… KNOW YOUR HEALTH…BE HEALTHY !.)))WE LOVE YOU ALL! STAY HEALTHY !!

Livingstone K. Noel

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