Teen times (thirteen, fourteen, fifteen onwards) is the era of emotional highs and lows siding with junk music mostly, dance and friendships. Not forgetting the harsh reality of puberty. The need to either fit in or detach ourselves from the entire world.

I personally would know about the latter. The ‘need to fit in’ types make a lot of friends, go to parties and create the cool and sometimes approachable image for themselves. The ‘the need to detach’ ones take solitude in either music, books or a certain hobby or skill. Then we have the others that follow the trend of what to do be successful.

Learn hard, ace all tests and exams. The goal was to gain good grades that would land us admission into a university or college. Many people have their own ideas and conclusions on what teenage years is, in accordance with their personal experiences. But I think it’s supposed to be some of the best years of our lives, it’s full of many first times and last times of many adventures.

It’s the pivot that both prepares and throws us straight into the throes of adulthood. My teenage years may have been a combination of passion, pain, joy, tears and anger but it was where the journey of self-discovery began. I discovered my love for books, developed a deep affection for words, music, literature and art. It was the beginning of becoming and embracing me.

It is important to acknowledge the defining stages of your life. No matter how gory some of the details are, it played a role in your becoming.

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  • November 28, 2020

    […] my teens, I started to voice out using poetry and words to find my identity and place in the world. They […]

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