Tools to Help Children With Limited Communication Ability

A communication board may make it possible for children with limited communication impairment since this board may have symbols or pictures. Kids communicate using the board by pointing and gesturing or gazing at the varied symbols and picture. If you have a child that has limit communication impairment and difficulty in expressing himself/herself, find out if communication boards in her classroom.

Using Communication Boards to Help Special Needs Children

If you have an individual education plan for your child, then you should add a communication board as part of the learning tools. As a family, you could have a communication board at home as well. At its simplest, a communication board should have yes/no or a pencil and pieces of paper. The ultimate goal here is to enable the child to express himself/herself. Parents and children can create this communication boards together as a family. There is no right or wrong way in creating this communication boards. If that is not possible, you can buy a suitable communication board from the market.

Others Outside of the Classroom

Adults with communication problems also user communication boards. This includes stroke patients and other medical conditions that affect people’s ability to express themselves.

Whenever these patients want to express their feelings to the medical team, communication boards are extremely helpful. Communication boards are also if the medical team want to keep these patients comfortable.

A communication board is the easiest way for people of all ages with communication problem to express themselves.

Using Technology as a Communication Tools

Assistive technology devices or software also empower people with communication difficulties to communicate with others. For instance, a person with communication difficulty may be able to use a button on a device to speak for him/her. Some of these devices use gestures making it easier to use for communication.

Multimodal devices provide people with different ways of communication. Therefore, making the best tool to use.

Most of these devices are exorbitant for many families, but today mobile phones have software that helps people with communication difficulties.

The income level of the family or the nature of your child’s communication difficulties will ultimately be a decision fact if you are to choose a communication assistive tool for your child.

Augmentative and Alternative Communication Tools

Moreover, to use these communication devices effectively, a person must have some degree of mental alertness. In other words, persons with both cognitive and communication difficulties may not be able to use the communicative board or the assistive technology meaningfully.

A specialist in augmentative and alternative communication tools should be of assistant to you in choosing a communication device suitable for your child.

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