File size exceeds the configured limit(2.5M)

Working a crawler that involves capturing big sizes of data for your research. Using Pycharm IDE, I realize that it has file size configuration limit that is 2.5Mb. And I get the message file size exceeds the configured limit.

True, the file size limit is mainly to protect your storage and the default 2.5Mb is enough for general files. But the crawler is probably generating a large file size bigger than the default file size specified by the IDE.

In this article, we will increase the default file size for PyCharm IDE. If you follow the steps below you will be able to change the default file size in MacOS.

The file size is set in the file in the ./Application/ directory.

Step 1: Application Directory

Open the application directory and right click on the PyCharm application

PyCharm IDE

Step 2: Show Package Contents

Click on the show package contents to open PyCharm application contents.

PyCharm Package Contents
Show Package Contents

Step 3: Bin Folder

Open the bin folder in the Contents folder. The configuration file we are looking for is in the bin folder.

bin folder
The configuration file in the bin folder.

Step 4: File file contains the configuration for the default file size that the IDE is using.

idea properties configuration file

Step 5: Inside

Open file in found in the bin folder in a text editor of your choice. file
Default file

Step 5: Edit File

Now, change the value of idea.max.intellisense.filesize from 2500 to the value that you will be comfortable with. I change mine to 25000.

idea max filesize
Change idea max file size

I hope this post solves your problem.


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Comments to: [Pycharm IDE]File size exceeds configured limit(2.5M). Code insight features are not available
  • February 6, 2019

    Nice approach, but I would rather recommend to solve this with more straightforward actions. You can go to ‘Help’ -> ‘Edit custom properties menu’ directly inside IDE and put same setting there, that would prevent side issues after application update etc.

    • December 13, 2019

      can you elaborate ?

  • March 22, 2019

    How do you do this with Windows?

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