Concentrating When Studying

Studying for an examination or a test can be difficult, especially when there are distractions such as TVs, mobile phone and even magazines. But most at times you are a distraction to yourself. However, staying focused on the study makes it easier. The trick is to remove the distraction and find a suitable studying environment.

Create an enabling Environment

staying focused
Move to a quiet environment that has comfortable
chair like the library.

Move from the distraction to a quiet environment that has a comfortable chair like the library. If possible, find a place where there are no television or mobile phones within your reach. Stay away from social media during the study period if possible. It can be problematic if social media notifications popup on your mobile because it might be difficult to avoid taking the phone to check what is happening on social media. The best possible solution will be to turn off the phone during the study. But if you are to use the mobile during the study then put the phone in a silence mode.

Use Revision Materials

Notebook with three pens
Get your study materials ready beforehand

It is easier to identify the main points in the note you are studying when there is something to point it out. That is why you shouldn’t forget to have your pens, rulers, highlighters and any other tools you might need for your study.

Make Short Notes

Someone Writing in a notebook
Making notes from a study material is the quicker way to remember what you are studying

During the study make short notes. Making notes throughout the study materials is the fast and the quicker way to memorize facts and formulas. Well, notes are an excellent way of making sense of difficult or confusing topics through diagrams and charts. Moreover, we can easily remember the things we have penned down better. Simplifying your notes make it easier to memorize.

Take short breaks

girl taking stroll
Taking short breaks during study improved memory recall

You need to create a study plan in which there are short breaks. For instance, you can study for 20 minutes after which you take a 5 minutes break or after 50 minutes of studying, take 10 minutes break and take a stroll or do something else.

However, taking short break and taking stroll improved memory recall.

Group Study

Students studying in Group
Study partners can help you focus

Pick someone or a group of people who are focused like you on the same goal. Friend can be distractive since you will have something to talk about. In choosing a study partner, choose someone who is smarter and dedicated than you and willing to teach you.

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